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NEW 2LB BAG - TEST PRODUCTION: Belgian 72% Dark Chocolate Napolitains

NEW 2LB BAG - TEST PRODUCTION: Belgian 72% Dark Chocolate Napolitains

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We are improving!

We're tackling rising costs and eco-friendliness together! Our solution? Less plastic in each bag and smarter bag designs to boost machine efficiency. It's a work in progress, but we've got exciting news – the results from our first test run are in!

You can save on your next order by overlooking some minor imperfections in the artwork and seals that come with a first run (and please excuse the low-quality photography).

The chocolate inside is still top-quality and oh-so-fresh. Join us on this journey of savings and sustainability!

Expect more from your chocolate

Our Dark 72% Napolitains are not only delicious, they’re also nutritious! Try one of our vegan friendly, keto friendly, diet friendly 72% Dark Chocolate Naps. Compared to the average milk chocolate bar, our Dark 72% Napolitains may have up to 50% less sugar. That’s something to write home about.
  • Net weight, 2 LB (910 g)
  • Actually made in Belgium
  • Vegan friendly, keto friendly, diet friendly
  • 50% less sugar than Bouchard Milk Chocolate
  • Non-GMO, soy-free, naturally antioxidant
  • Only 28 calories per piece!
  • Individually wrapped so you can take a few for the road

What's with the ridges?

Good question. Our world-famous Napolitains (or “Naps”) are ridged on one side. This is no accident: the ridges expose your mouth to more of that rich 72% cacao flavor. So try placing the chocolates with the ridge side down on your tongue. Your taste buds will thank you.

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Meet Halloren O's

Halloren is Germany's oldest Chocolate Factory, located in Halle, Germany. Our sister company has crafted the most delicious chocolates since 1804. We're beyond excited to finally offer Halloren O's in the US. With FREE shipping, what are you waiting for?

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