Bouchard Belgian Chocolatier, the dark chocolate experts.

  • "First time ordering this chocolate brand, will certainly order again. Not very sweet, but not bitter either, just perfect Belgium chocolate."

  • "These delicious chocolates are individually wrapped. Each chocolate is only 1.6 grams of sugar per piece. A rich luscious chocolate treat with less than two grams of sugar! The best!"

  • "Excellent chocolates, delivered quickly. Very high quality confectionary and I'll definitely be buying from Bouchard again. Looking forward to trying other Bouchard choices. Thank you."



Created by Our Finest Chocolatiers

Since 1931, Bouchard has called Belgium home. We believe that in order to experience authentic, Belgian chocolate, you must go to the source. Our chocolatiers have a knowledge of all the things that make chocolate special, from flavor profiles all the way to packaging and shipping. Every bite of Bouchard chocolate is made from the creativity and passion of our chocolatiers.

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Chocolate Ridges for Enhanced Flavor

We take pride in Bouchard’s signature look. All of our chocolate has ridges that have been tested and proven to enhance the depth of flavor. Not only do you get to enjoy the unique look and feel of Bouchard chocolate, but you will also be able to taste the quality of our premium Belgian chocolate. Whether you are looking for a fun flavor, or even health benefits from your chocolate, you can find them all with ridges to guarantee that you get to experience the flavors of Bouchard.

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