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Dark Chocolate Mint Thins (72% Cacao) 21.2 OZ (1.3 LB/600g)

Dark Chocolate Mint Thins (72% Cacao) 21.2 OZ (1.3 LB/600g)

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Perfectly Balanced Mint Flavor

Indulge in the bold and utterly irresistible flavor of Bouchard's Mint Chocolate Thins. Crafted with the unparalleled expertise that defines Bouchard, these delectable thins are all about pure, unapologetic flavor. Each bite is a journey into the enchanting world of mint and chocolate, a combination that's nothing short of amazing. The luscious, rich taste will transport your taste buds to a realm of pure delight. Bouchard's Mint Chocolate Thins are a testament to the company's commitment to exquisite chocolate experiences, where flavor takes center stage.
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Meet Halloren O's

Halloren is Germany's oldest Chocolate Factory, located in Halle, Germany. Our sister company has crafted the most delicious chocolates since 1804. We're beyond excited to finally offer Halloren O's in the US. With FREE shipping, what are you waiting for?

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