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Belgian Dark Chocolate Probiotic Napolitains
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Our Dark 72% Napolitains are not only delicous, they're also nutritious! Try one of our vega friendly, keto friendly, diet friendly 72% Dark Chocolate Naps. Compared to the aver-age milk chocolate bar, our Dark 72% Napolit-ains may have up to 50% less sugar. That's something to write home about.

  • Only $29.99 for a 1 lb bag
  • Net weight, 16 ounces
  • Actually made in Belgium
  • 1 billion live probiotic cultures per piece
  • Longer shelf life than probiotic yogurt and other alternatives
  • Made from 72% cacao
  • Individually wrapped so you can take a few for the road
  • Lots of other good things such as Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan friendly, Naturally antioxidant, 34 calories per piece and 50% less sugar than the average milk chocolate

What's with the Ridges?

Good Question! Our world-famous napolitains or naps are ridged on one side. This is no accident: the ridges expose your mouth to more of that rich 72% cacao flavor. So try placing the chocolates with the ridge sid down on your tongue. your tast buds will thank you.

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The legends are true. There is such a thing as healthy dark chocolate and you can get it here from Bouchard, the Dark Chocolate Company. Our Belgian Dark Chocolate Probiotic Napolitains are one-of-a-kind chocolates that not only melt in your mouth, delighting your tastebuds, but this chocolate is also a great immune booster for your health. Get your guilt-free gut-healthy dessert today!

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