Some pharmaceutical companies add “chocolate” to their probiotics. We infused probiotics into our already famous chocolate – so it’s great chocolate that’s also great for you.

Key Benefits
1 billion live probiotic cultures per piece
Longer shelf life than probiotic yogurt and other alternatives
50% less sugar than Bouchard Milk Chocolate
Supports immune health
Naturally antioxidant
Smooth and delicious
Look for this bag.

Look for this bag.

What’s with the ridges?

Good question. Like our world-famous napolitains (or “naps”), these delicious Belgian dark chocolate probiotics are ridged on one side. This is no accident: the ridges expose your mouth to more of that rich 72% cocoa flavor. So try placing the chocolates with the ridge side down on your tongue. Your taste buds will thank you.

Individually wrapped so you can take a few for the road

It’s a fact: ridged chocolates taste better

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