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Halloren O's - Variety 5.1 OZ (144g) (3 Pack)

Halloren O's - Variety 5.1 OZ (144g) (3 Pack)

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Fun Filled Chocolates!

Meet your new favorite candy, Halloren O's! Each O is made of a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth milk cream filling, encased in a hard chocolate shell. With their light, fluffy, fudge-like consistency, Halloren O's are unique and delicious.

Our Cookies & Cream variety joins two cream fillings inspired by the sandwich cookies from which it draws its name, all covered in a milk chocolate shell.

Our Brownie variety is a chocolate lover’s dream, combining two rich chocolate-brownie cream fillings and chocolate chip sprinkles, all within a dark chocolate shell.

Our Caramel & Sea Salt variety perfectly balances sweet and salty through rich caramel and sea salt cream fillings, all covered with a milk chocolate shell.

Don't wait to order now, and let Halloren O's unlock the fun in your life!

  • Lot of 3 bags, each 5.1 OZ (144g)
  • Contains one bag of each Halloren O's flavor: Cookies & Cream, Brownie, and Caramel & Sea Salt
  • Individually wrapped and contained within a resealable bag, making it perfect for snacking, sharing, or taking on the road
  • Made in Germany
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Meet Halloren O's

Halloren is Germany's oldest Chocolate Factory, located in Halle, Germany. Our sister company has crafted the most delicious chocolates since 1804. We're beyond excited to finally offer Halloren O's in the US. With FREE shipping, what are you waiting for?

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